Mackintosh® Inside Olefin

Mackintosh® Inside Olefin

Mackintosh® Inside Technology infuses the most advanced PFC/PFAS free DWR polymer melting addictive into the 
blending process with polypropylene chips and high UV elemental pigments prior to yarn manufacturing. All materials are extruded, continuously extended, separately texturized, and spun by air friction or draw stretching to be unique Mackintosh® Inside Olefin yarns that imbed superb repellency to all kinds of moisture and remain its performance after times of rain shower and laundry.


The Mackintosh® Inside Olefin yarns are woven in various constructions for distinctive features and are simply 
finished by thorough souring and cleaning to activate 
forever repellency and other merits. No additional finishing 
chemicals are required, leaving no perfluorocarbon, 
perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances to the earth.

Axroma invites you to discover the infinite possibilities of Mackintosh® Inside Technology.


Rain Proof


Stain Proof


Patio & Upholstery