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Zero Waste

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Massive production of consumer goods has generated what scholars estimate to be 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic – and 90% of which never gets recycled. Regardless of generation, gender and social status, consumers are getting more conscious of imperative sustainable and ecological mission as responsible global citizens. New lifestyle and buying behavior are developed to support the products with greener concepts.

Somewhere along the life cycle of the products, it loses its value and ends up as waste, called a ‘lose end’ whereas the end can be a beginning of a new product form if the loop is closed. Post-consumer waste and pre-consumer (a.k.a. industrial) waste, are materials to be sorted, filtered, and taken advantage of as meaningful application for another commercial value, even higher one to realize the spirit of the closed loop.

Introduce Zero Waste Process

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Color yarn assorted

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Axroma is inspired to recycle and upcycle in house waste for attractive limited offering of “zero waste” products by collecting the leftover yarns from the bottom of the tube and old inventory, grouping & processing selective yarns for unique features, and putting together creatively for a new life of woven fabric, a one of the kind capsule collection that suitable for a brand and retailer to encourage waste-free manufacturing.

Zero Waste

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