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Stain Proof

The sustainable design ought to leave minimum impact on the earth. Spill-proof solution-dyed , Goodwin, another proud presentation by Axroma, delivers optimal stain resist performance and most importantly, PFC free.Spill without causing worry and embarrassment now! Axroma Goodwin Polypropylene infuses patented Mackintosh® technology that boosts hydrophobic Polypropylene fiber to truly and longestively resist various liquid stains, anti-bacterial and mildew. An ultimate environmental performance solution.

  • Material: PFC free, Mackintosh® Polypropylene

  • Weight: 220 gsm

  • UV standard 801: Pass

  • Colorfastness to Light: ISO 105-B04, Grade 7-8

  • Water Repellency : AATCC 22, Max 100

  • Aqueous Liquid Repellency: AATCC 193, Grade 4

  • Stain/Soil Release: Ketchup / Dirt / Mud, Grade 4                      Grape Juice / Red Wine / Iced Coffee / Soft Drink, Grade 4 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: AATCC 127, 200mm

  • Abrasion: ASTM D4157, 15,000 cycles

  • Antibacterial Activity: AATCC 147, No Growth

  • Oeko-tex Certificate

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