Stain Proof

Sustainable design ought to leave minimum impact on the earth. Spill-proof solution-dyed olefin, Goodwin, another proud presentation by Axroma, delivers optimal stain resist performance and most importantly, PFC free.
Spill without causing worry and embarrasement now! Axroma Goodwin Olefin infuses patented Mackintosh Inside (trademark) technology that boosts hydrophobic olefin fiber to truly and longestively resist various liquid stains, anti-bacterial and mildew. An ultimate environmental performance solution.

Outdoor Tech Goodwin

  • Material: PFC free, Mackintosh Inside™ Olefin

  • Weight: 220 gsm

  • UV standard 801: Pass

  • Colorfastness to Light: ISO 105-B04, Grade 7-8

  • Water Repellency : AATCC 22, Max 100

  • Aqueous Liquid Repellency: AATCC 193, Grade 4

  • Stain/Soil Release: Ketchup / Dirt / Mud, Grade 4                      Grape Juice / Red Wine / Iced Coffee / Soft Drink, Grade 4 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: AATCC 127, 250mm

  • Abrasion: ASTM D4157, 15,000 cycles

  • Antibacterial Activity: AATCC 147, No Growth

  • Oeko-tex Certificate

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